Hong Zhou (MBBS, MSc, MPH) 

I studied Western Medicine in China.After obtaining a Bachelor Degree of Medicine (MBBS)I was awarded prestigious international scholarships to pursue the studies of Master Degree of Health Science (MSc) and Master of Public Health Program (MPH) in Finland and the UK.

During my MBBS studies I also studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture, which enabled me to gain a deep insight into diseases, health and well-being from the Western and Eastern perspectives. The MPH and MSc studies were focused on health promotion, diseases prevention and early diagnosis. The ultimate goal of health promotion is to enable people to maximise their physical and psychological health, develop their resilience and maximise their potential thus to live and enjoy their lives fully. I discovered that the core of Western Health Promotion has some similarities to the essence of Chinese Taoism, Buddhism and I Ching, all of which aim to empower one to reach the harmony of body, mind and soul thus to improve one's life quality. Heavily influenced by my father since childhood, I have got a great interest in Taoism, Buddhism and I Ching, and have practised Taoist style Taiji (Taiji Quan), Buddhism meditation and learned I Ching reading. 

I was also employed by the largest NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Centre in London as a Health Promotion Specialist. The centre provides bowel cancer screening to over one million residents in six boroughs to promote early diagnosis of bowel cancer thus to reduce its mortality. One of my key tasks was compiling evidence based training materials and delivering training to General Practitioners, pharmacists, Community Mental Health Teams composed of psychologists and psychiatric nurses, Community Drug and Alcohol Teams, housing associations and targeted screening population et al. Further I completed a wide range of London based training on psychological well being. I am a qualified Mental Health First Aider (England) and worked in the filed of mental health. Consequently I got familiar with the following NHS therapies. 

Thanks to my physician friend, Dr Carson, I became aware of mindfulness. I noticed that very few therapists teach patients mindfulness during the therapeutic sessions. Subsequently I discovered that mindfulness was actually developed by Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn based on his learning from Zen Buddhist teachers such as Philip KapleauKorean Seon Buddhism Master, Seungsahn Haengwon and Vietnamese Buddhist monk, Thích Nhất Hạnh. This interest discovery made me even more strongly believe that a holistic approach of combining the modern Western health science and Eastern philosophy as well as ancient wisdom will benefit one's health and well being enormously.

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